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To find WordPress errors when your site is selling products or you are losing sales because your site is down, that sucks!!

Some quick tips:

  • Can you access Wp-admin? If so, try to disable plugins. This is what I would try in first place. WordPress errors are caused 80% of the time by plugins.
  • You migrated the site to another hosting and now isn’t loading well? Probably there are some miss-configurations and that is why you are getting WordPress errors. You should contact us

We’ve fixed more than 500 WordPress errors already. Trust us, the problems are always very similar:

  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Server

If you cannot find the cause of the bug you should call us. We provide a fast and reliable response. We can fix anything.


WordPress error in new installation
Normally, these are related to your system settings or WordPress configuration error.

WordPress error in theme
Seems magic, but websites are like alive. As they are using external components, most of them, they are constantly moving. Apikey for google maps is not valid anymore, maps are not working, a CDN is down, a javascript library is not loading, you inserted some content that breaks the entire site? Start in your Developers Tools > Console to start digging in the problem.

WordPress error in plugin
Conflicts between plugins is our everyday soup. Try disabling all of them, then keep enabling them one by one until you make it crush. You know now who is guilty.

WordPress not showing up or internal server error
There is something broken. Check php logs.

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WordPress Error
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