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Resolve moments of panic when your site is down / experiencing technical meltdowns / crazy bugs, or you’re just trying to fix something simple. Call us whenever you need or signup for our monthly website and server maintenance plan.

¿Why us?

No matter the problem, no matter the code, we can fix it. We are here to help you.

There are other web repair & maintenance services, however, they don’t have the experience we have and they probably do website development too. We’ve been developing digital products from scratch for more than a decade, currently we are 100% focused on web maintenance and bug fixing. This allows us to offer a unique and very complete service.
We’ve been online since 2001! Our 20th anniversary is approaching!

¿What our clients say?

Our clients are awesome and they think we’re awesome too. Take a look at all the nice things they’ve said about us!

Joan, Joan Lalucat

Thanks to them, I have cheaper and quicker hosting, support for any due change and help with anything I cannot deal with. Excellent support and service!

Javier, Alu-Roc

I contacted PhpNinja for an error in our database. This database includes 40,000 products, our entire collection in the last 7 years. We could not afford to lose all that information. They quickly gave us a solution so we could maintain our database and keep using it. They also optimized all 40k images and performed several tweaks to improve our site’s speed.

Paco, Ubiqum Code School

Working with PhpNinjais great. They are fast, professional and nice! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to fix or improve his/her website. They linked up our WordPress custom form 7 plugin to our HubSpot account.

Lídia, Maheco / Magsam

They helped us fixing our SEO on-page, adding new components to our existing sites and modified our internal tool. We are not using WordPress so we need someone that could manage a custom made admin dashboard made 8 years ago … Everything worked out as expected! They work very fast!

Lucas, Balobavan

They integrated several payment gateways to our online shop with no hassle and modified our booking plugin to allow us to sell complementary services after our visitors book their van.  I will recommend them. Very easy to work with!

Darius, Coco Vail Beer Hall

We are covered by Php Ninja services. Https issues? small tweaks and updates? Setting up custom google events for marketing? We just call the ninjas!

Laura, Breu

They are constantly helping us to have our page up to date. They help us set up new pages, giving support with Google Adwords and all that stuff that we can’t really manage. We contacted them to have a very simple and small website. It was a good decision to work with them. Our page grows organically following our needs, and with them covering the tech part everything works smoothly.

Victor, UFO-Spain

When our clients opened our page inside the Facebook App using an Android phone, the page wasn’t loading. All the traffic that we were getting from Facebook was lost. We contacted different professionals, the only ones that could figure it out and fix it was these guys. Thanks!

Miki, Start Pack

We contacted PhpNinja to get some help with a custom form we were working on, but we didn’t have the resources to complete it in house. They completed it on time! It was a multi-step-wizard to calculate project budgets. You can check it on our home page.

Maria, AFAM

Our Wp-admin was totally broken, and we weren’t able to log in to make changes to our website. They found and fixed the problem really fast and we have our website back. Easy! Thank you, guys!


We fix things, you rest easy
We fix websites. You rest easy. Ninjas get the job done. No excuses. No matter the problem, no matter the code, we’re here to help you.

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by Beto